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At our KS4 Centre Barncroft Campus, we offer one and two year programs for Year 10 and 11 students, who suit a more personalised learning approach. We are able to offer a range of academic and vocational courses complemented with work experience, where relevant.

Key Stage 4 aims to support young people as they make the transition from adolescence to adulthood, so they can become confident and healthy adults who can make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live. Our work recognises the individual young people come from very different starting points and we are committed to maximising opportunities and choices by providing an outstanding curriculum offer. 

We are committed to meeting these aims by:

  • offering quality support to young people
  • promoting intervention and prevention to address disaffection and social inclusion
  • providing a wide range of personal and social development opportunities
  • providing a twin track personalised programme that is committed to meeting the young persons academic and social needs.

This planned approach allows us to target individual students areas of improvement whilst enabling the students to excel in the areas of the curriculum that they show interest and talent.

We work in partnership with other local providers to supplement our onsite provision. We believe in matching the correct provision to the individual and so each student’s programme is bespoke.

The key stage 4 staff team is highly experienced, passionate members of staff who come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds including:

  • qualified teachers
  • subject specialists
  • youth workers
  • counselors
  • life coaches 
  • art and play therapists
  • youth connexions personal advisors
  • princes trust advisors

Our core purpose is two fold, to reengage young people in their learning whilst improving their attitudes, social skills, behaviour and attendance. Our mantra "be the best you can be" is echoed in all our work with young people enabling them to overcome their barriers to learning and to support them in their next steps. 

Our success is in securing all of our learners qualifications relevant to their aspirations, needs and interests. Each student leaves with the essentials in English, Maths and ICT together with a personalised  package of academic and vocational qualifications, personal development programmes, independent living and work experience.

This holistic approach gives a firm foundation on which to build post 16. 

Once referred to the Key Stage 4 Centre, home visits and initial assessments take place, students are base lined to enable us to match them to one of our three pathways which is achievable and going to maximise the young persons potential.