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Dacorum Education Support Centre

Dacorum Education Support Centre

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Staff Development

At DESC we believe that ‘Being the Best We Can Be’ should be valued by our staff, as well as our learners.  
Education is a lifelong process and ongoing learning is something which is important for adults to model.  
With this in mind, our staff development is centred around a continual drive to improve, not prove. Whatever their role, our staff are encouraged and supported to reflect on where they are currently and consider what they could do to progress professionally.  

We recognise that learning is a lifelong process for every individual and that it involves deep reflection on practise and values.

Our approach is designed: 

  • To build and enhance expertise 
  • To encourage and support continuous growth and improvement 
  • To help staff improve their professional reflection skills to identify strengths and areas for further growth 
  • To promote a culture of professional growth and enquiry 
  • To improve staff wellbeing by increasing autonomy and self-efficacy 
  • To improve learner outcomes 

Our learner mantra ‘Be the best you can be’ applies equally to staff and following this approach assures we are ‘Being the best we can be.’ 

Staff development takes the form of various activities at DESC. Some examples are:

  • Professional Growth approach
  • Robust Induction Programme for all staff
  • Up to date with statutory training
  • Regular whole school and team meetings 
  • An enriching programme of INSET days
  • Targeted training for distinct staff groups 
  • Focus groups on a range of areas e.g. Teaching and Learning; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Mental Health
  • Access to online materials and training through Educare, Creative Education and MindEd
  • Opportunities for collaborative work within, and outside of, DESC
  • In-house sharing of expertise
  • Work shadowing
  • Leadership Exchange Programme