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Dacorum Education Support Centre

Dacorum Education Support Centre


Students taking our BTEC Construction Level 1 course learn to use various hand tools including planes, chisels and drills. They also learn a range of general woodworking and jointing techniques which they then used to build their projects. During the year the students make two main articles.  The first of these is more basic and allows the students to become familiar with tools and how to plan and execute practical ideas in the workshop.  For the second practical element student are expected to make an article that includes examples of jointing techniques learned in class.  For this second project the students are also encouraged to extend themselves further and to take on a task that will challenge them to learn new skills.  

The course also includes a section that focusses on Health and safety which is integrated into the lessons during the year and teaches the students to work carefully and make thoughtful decisions to protect themselves and others while working with tools and hazardous materials. For the last element of the course students focus on making a small product like a child’s toy and are then asked to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of their product and to suggest ways of improving both the final product and the method of constructing the product. 

The course is assessed through a portfolio of work and evidence produced during the year.  Many of our students who take this course with us do go on to study Construction at college.