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Dacorum Education Support Centre

Dacorum Education Support Centre

Gaddesden Riding for the Disabled Project

Horses, volunteering and neuro linguistic programming!

Some of our Year 10 and 11 learners are attending the Riding for the Disabled (RDA) at Gaddesden every week helping children from Weatherfield School who have a range of disabilities by leading the horses, side walking with the riders and supporting their needs.

But for the DESC learners they are already picking up how the ponies are helping them to focus and take their minds into a more relaxed space. Through working alongside the ponies they are learning about how their behaviour and mood affects others.

Grooming and handling the horses reduces their anxiety and allows them to open up and talk about things that are troubling them. It is just so heart-warming to see the change in their demeanour and how happy and relaxed they are in this environment.

By working with a huge age range of other volunteers as well as the children their social skills, confidence and self-esteem are growing.

Furthermore they will be able to use this experience to put on their CVs as voluntary work as well as going towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Happy children, happy ponies, happy learners…and the RDA are very grateful too.